The water museum in Antalya Turkey

The water museum in Antalya- an adventure in the world of water

The Antalya water museum ìAntalya aquariumî is one of the largest water museums in the world, and competes with Valencia and genoa museums which are known for the large size areas.

The museum contains thousands of fish and sea creatures that have been brought to Antalya from all over the world, in more than 7 million cubic liters of water to represent an example for the world seas.

Antalya water museum offers a cultural and a unique entertainment experience through more than 40 tours in a longest underwater tunnel with long of 131 meters.

The museum also contains pools for fish and sharks and allows the visitor to see the giant sharks closely and swim with them if he wishes to do so.

The main basin has been designed by an Italian sculptor and it includes a model of a plane and a real size of a submarine. In addition to this basin is considered as one of the purest in the world.

Through the museum, Antalya aims to add new attraction center for tourists, and another reason to visit. Where the museum management expect to attract more than million tourists a year. Because of that, there was a coordinating with many tour operators to put the museum on the list of the tours because itís representing an important and main addition to the map tourism sites in Antalya.

In addition to the water basin, the Antalya aquarium also containsî The Snow Worldî which is the largest closed hall in the world covered with natural snow with 1500 square meters. It contains snow houses similar to those in Arctic Pole. And temperature drop to -5 Celsius while the outside of the museum it is 40 Celsius, of course the visitors are awarded special clothes protect them from the cold in the snow world.

–           Have you ever dreamed to swim with sharks?

In Antalya aquarium you can do that, on the surface of the museum there are pools representing the tropical island and the Maldives. These pools are full of non-wild fish and sharks that do not attack human being. You can wear special protection clothes and swim with the sharks and feed them with the help of the aquarium administrators.

The aquarium is located near the cultural Ataturk Park on the east of Konyaalti beach and you can reach it easily by public bus or by the delivery service in your hotel for an forgettable adventure in the world of sea.



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