Attract More Customers in Detroit Using Local SEO Tactics

Are you a local business trying to figure out how to get more online customers to your offline store? Are you frustrated that your competition is on top of Google search in your local niche and you are ready to try some Local SEO optimization, or LBLO (local business listing optimization) but you are unsure what to do or where to begin?

Search engine optimization for local businesses is now a critical part of local business marketing. According to Google, over 92% of mobile phone users search for local businesses online.

Local Detroit SEO

If you do not have a plan to transition from traditional local marketing methods to the latest Inbound marketing practices, you are going to have a tough time.
Claim Your Name With LBLO!

A good place to begin your local seo efforts is by optimizing your business listing (LBLO) detail on the multitude of business directory sites.

Most of these sites list your business automatically from information obtained in public records, so if the information is inaccurate or unscrupulous competitors claim the site, your listing can actually be hurting your business.

To help Local customers find your business, you need to make sure you are using LBLO and claiming your business on all the listing and directory sites. Be sure to personalize and brand your listings and include descriptive details, such as location, with a map if possible, and hours of operation.

The methods of marketing to local audiences is quickly changing. Due to the plethora of media choices available across multiple devices, the traditional radio and print advertising is quickly becoming extinct. Marketing today is a two way street and has to offer a quick, clear, and concise message that answers a question or fills an immediate need, with easily identifiable social signals that consumers view as trust factors.

When people visit your listing, what do they see? Is your layout clear and easy to use from a phone? Do they see positive social signal counters that instill an immediate sense of trust and authenticity to your brand? Nowadays, it’s much more important to have  “thumbs up”, “Likes”, Yelp reviews and “+1′s” displayed prominently than  your local Chamber of Commerce and BBB badges.

Offer incentives to click on your social counters. One method you might try is to offer the first few paragraphs of content, followed by a “read more” button that opens a popup with a “like” button to get the rest of the content.

Place your social share buttons next to exit navigation and animate them on mouse hover, to attract attention as the reader is moving to exit the page.
Update Your Blog Page Frequently

It’s crucial to your Local Detroit SEO  strategy to have a business blog that you keep consistently updated. Post new information and news regularly about your business, product or service, but be careful not to hog the spotlight. Offer related topic posts, local news, or event information etc. Did you do some work with local charities? Are you running a contest or sponsoring a local donation drive? You should be! Avoid getting too political and remember to have fun, while keeping it professional.

When writing your blog posts it’s important to subtly work in relevant keywords and phrases. Try to only use keyword phrases where they benefit the content and appear natural. Don’t forget to use keywords in your titles and H1, H2 and H3 subheading tags if possible. As long as you write your posts with your readers needs in mind first, and optimization second, you will create quality content that will help your Detroit business rank much better in the search engines.

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